Chloe Spring Bag Collection

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Perhaps a little bit too early.

The snow has yet to fall and Chloe is already thinking two steps ahead – presenting Chloe Spring 2015 Handbags.

Gorgeous accessories are being photographed, each sitting on the fence while the sun is shining lightly. The colors make you taste the fresh Spring – with white, brown, blue and pink.

Now what’s new?

The famous Paraty Bag in black will come with fringes.

The famous Paraty Bag in black will come with fringes, finished with golden hardware. Then the new Chloe Drew Shoulder Bags are crafted with nets (holes). For your information, the Drew Bag Collection was introduced in the Fall Winter 2014 Collection.

What’s more?

Brand-new chic buckets bag will be released in store and they come with golden drawstring. Also, take a look at the Paraty Bag in new shape, it’s more kind-of like a tote bag version. I love the variation and the small size.

Details will be published later on.

So what do you think about the Spring 2015 Collection, or is it too far away?


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Noble and elegant gold silver let Chloe latest series of winter it accompany you

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Chloé bag has been very fire, setting off a mini bag Chloé Drew trend is cause for concern. This winter, Chloé launched a winter festival series, in which classic style Drew, Faye to a new limited edition debut.


Chloé bag has always been very fire, my favorite is the Chloé Drew series, small size but large capacity, it can be said of the fighter mini bag. We can see that the high frequency of this series of bags occur, fashion bloggers street shoot without it.



Swiss fashion blogger Kristina BaZAn liked it anymore street shooting always choose it. In fact, for a reason, Chloé Drew selection of texture leather shoulder bag, using a circular profile shape, and with a polished golden hardware accessories. Its style grace and elegance, combined with soft suede leather lining, there is a small pocket, can be used to put the phone, is really very user-friendly design! This winter, Chloé launched a series of winter holiday.



Chloé 2015WinterFestival Series

Who says gold and silver on behalf of the “Rural non-mainstream” style? Chloé things first satisfied. Chloé launched the 2015 winter holiday series, is the main gold and silver, gold and silver not only behind, but a kind of ornate style. Glossy gold and silver, adding to the elegant atmosphere. More noble, but also adds a festive atmosphere.



Chloé 2015WinterFestival Series

Compact design and bright colors, with metal lock and lanyards can be used for oblique and shoulder purposes. Drew elegant dress with glittering embellishment, more extravagance; if with weekday casual style, you can use oblique, Jiaoren dazzling gold and silver in particular, easier to bland styling is not the same feeling!
It follows the Chloé Drew series of compact, while adding bright colors – gold and silver, and metal locks, lanyards Xiangde Ying Chang. Important occasions it seemed noble, everyday there it can add a touch of bright color to dull styling.



Chloé 2015WinterFestival Series



Chloé 2015WinterFestival Series

The Chloe also introduced a variety of new jewelery, is also the choice of gold, with a festive atmosphere of joy.



Chloé 2015WinterFestival Series

The Chloe also introduced a variety of new jewelery, is also the choice of gold, with a festive atmosphere of joy.

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Are you up for something embellished and beautiful? We’ve got just the bag for you – presenting, the Chloe Drew Bag with Heart, Spade, Club and Diamond Embellishments! We just love how the brand has managed to revamp a classic design, giving it a wonderful spin that we are totally in love with. Bravo, Chloe!

As we all know, the Chloe Drew is a classic favorite among bag lovers – whatever the taste and preference, a lot of aficionados tend to share common denominator, and the Chloe Drew is but among the few pieces in the industry which caters to seemingly opposite styles. This is such a wonderful surprise for us because aside from its luxe material, shining piston closure and wonderful, rounded shape, it now has more of the fancy bling in front. Every time you wear this baby, it feels like you earned yourself a “Royal Flush”. Well, bet on it!

For now, we don’t have info about the bag’s price and availability. Just stay tuned for more updates about this bag (and other pieces) soon!

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For maximum style factor, choose no other than Chloe’s small Faye shoulder bag which has been in the fashion industry for over a year or so but is currently making big waves for its beautifully crafted design. Perfect for women who are looking for a small purse/ hand bag, Faye will not disappoint with its fresh, crisp and bold colors that will add a touch of color to your monotonous and monochromatic outfits.

Take it with you on your romantic first date at the cinema or at the park, this bag will hint your guy that you have a high-caliber taste when it comes to fashion. Simple, minimalistic yet elegant, Faye remains true to its classic and timeless appeal as this time it comes in a smaller version (previously there were only medium-sized Faye bags).

Here are the features of this bag that will convince you to purchase one: pure authentic calf and lamb leather combined, smooth leather flap to the front, with prominent silver-tone loop and chain details, adjustable shoulder straps so that you can wear it cross-body, magnetic fastening, suede lining, two compartments, internal slot pocket for stowing your essentials in an organized fashion. Take things to a whole new level with this newest small version of the Faye bag and be in vogue! Measuring 6′ x 9.5′ x 2′ (H x W x D) inches, the small Faye shoulder bag costs around $1390 USD or €975 euro.






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Weekend Outfit: Vampy-Casual with the Chloé Drew Bag

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