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Diagonal handbag is not something you see often in the fashion world and Celine is about to change this. Last time, Celine introduces the Diagonal Quilting on the Belt Bag, have you seen that? It was beyond stunning and the Belt Bag turned into an ultra modern handbag. Diagonal and minimalism comes together like twins, just let the Celine Diagonal Large Flap On Chain speaks for itself.

Introduces for the Fall 2017 Collection, the Diagonal Large Flap On Chain is a new design. This Flap On Chain Bag can be compared to the larger version of the Wallet on Chain Bag. It can also be considered to carry as a small shoulder bag. The front is made with a Diagonal Flap, which looks elegant but also modern. The diagonal design also creates the perfect opportunity to make this bag a bi-colored handbag as it cuts right in between. The flap is painted in a different color than the body, but it remains minimal. The Celine signature is printed on the center bottom of the bag.

Made from lambskin, the bag comes with a chain of 20 inches. The chain can be removed so the bag can be transformed into a clutch bag or just a large wallet. The flap closure is crafted with an invisible snap button, which is another Celine’s clever creation.

Inside the bag, you will find one gusset compartment, one zipped pocket, two flat pockets and twelve credit card slots. Measuring 8 x 5 inches and is priced at $1050 USD, €730 euro, $8400 HKD, 7800 CNY, $1350 SGD, £670 GBP, ¥115000 JPY via Celine boutiques.

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We like it a lot when things come back with a bang! Ladies, come take a look at this beautiful Chanel Flap O Cases, which absolutely looks stunning in its newer and better version.

Sporting a more modish and fashion-forward style, these Chanel Flap O Cases look like a modified version of the original and iconic Chanel O Case. Comparing them side by side, you’ll instantly notice the difference if you have keen eyes for details – it’s that extra front flap and compartment, which makes all the difference.

Now let’s take a closer look. What we love about this modern Chanel Flap O Case is the fact that it is still sporting the same thick diamond quilting that we love. The CC logo on the other hand is prominently displayed in the middle of the front flap, as if announcing to the world that you own a unique Chanel Flap O Case.

Slip it inside your bag or carry it by the hand and you’ll be stylishly fine! Style code A82682, measuring 7.9’ x 11’ x 1.4’ inches, priced at $1250 USD, €1150 euro, £1020 GBP, $1850 SGD, $1760 AUD, $9100 HKD, ¥144720 JPY, ¥8900 CNY via Chanel boutiques.




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A-Closer-Look-Chanel-Medium-Propellor -Flap-Bag

All right ladies, it’s time to up the game. New Quilted Leather has been released in store and it’s diamond-like. So hunting time?

Last week, we’ve featured the mini version of this bag and we received a lot of positive feedback (as expected). And today we’re going to share the ‘Medium’ size version for those that want a larger bag.

The Chanel Propellor Flap Bag in medium size is even more stunning. It’s like the Classic Flap Bag but with a complete new cover. The leather looks durable and smooth, it features a new CC logo on the front flap and it comes with the original interwoven chain link strap.

Because the mini version is priced at $2400 USD, which is cheaper than the Mini Classic Flap Bag, we’d expect the price for the medium to be around $4500 USD.

This bag is from the latest Spring Summer 2016 Collection we’re not certain whether it will be available again in the next season. So check with your SA for more details.

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One of our favorite picks and we never get bored chit-chatting about it – the Chanel Quilted Gusset Flap Wallet.

Just like the iconic Classic Flap Bag, the Quilted Gusset Flap Wallet is almost like the exact copy. It features an amazing front-flap, the beautiful Quilted lining from the front to the back. The mini lady-like CC on the front. Girls, what’s a better Christmas gift huh?

The Wallet is large enough to store coins, cash and credit cards and above all, it fits nicely in your designer bag. And it makes paying fun – pull your timeless wallet out and amazed everyone around you.

Yellow is a beautiful color, but for those that need something else, we’re certain that there are more shades available at your local Chanel boutique.

Made from lambskin – a leather that’s luxurious but very fragile. We also recommend to purchase calfskin or caviar for a bag, especially for those that are clumsy. But that’s unnecessary for the wallet as it’s safely stored inside your bag.

Style code: A80758, measuring 4.1 x 7.7 x 1.4 inches, priced at €850 euro.


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The Loewe Barcelona Bag has been established as one of the finest pieces in the market. It is a structured piece in beautiful leather with a unique metallic triangle closure bearing the house’s embossed logo. You can even wear it as a shoulder or a crossbody – that totally depends on preference and your desired style for the day, but the bottom line is it is truly a functional piece.

The piece we have above is still a Barcelona, but with some tweaks in the design department. It’s has a quilted embellishment on its exterior, which gives the piece an added dimension and texture. Also, we’re seeing that this new take on the Barcelona comes in such vivid colors to choose from, which are all stunning. We don’t know what to choose!

What do you think about this exciting design? Are you up for the quilts? Comment now and let us know!

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Just Can’t Get Enough: Mindy Kaling and Her Chanel Classic Flap Bag

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