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It began in 1877 luxury luggage brand Hartmann has been its superb technology, elegant design and historical heritage of famous. Today, Hartmann re-launched the classic statue ya 7R Master series, the series suitcase by the high-quality magnesium alloy is refined, with fine features timeless, be able to meet all kinds of celebrities for the pursuit of quality and luxury.

The launch of the 7R Master series Hartmann brand called another classic masterpiece. In appearance, 7R Master series unique design, modern styling and retro aesthetic perfect fusion; in the material, 7R Master series use superior hand-crafted aluminum-magnesium alloy, and its texture will lapse of time and timeless.

7R Master show luxury in the details. Each 7R Master thanks to better manufacturing processes. Each suitcase contained only 7R Master more than 200 parts, 40 parts and 250 special craft exquisite handmade processes. From plastic, polishing, assembly pulleys to a mosaic Hartmann brand logo, most processes are hand crafted by master craftsmen, ensuring fine quality 7R Master suitcase.

7R Master’s handle with highly textured leather, provide a more comfortable use of touch, and universal roller system ensures that the suitcase can be quiet and smooth sliding. Around in the tank body around the leather design with magnesium alloy casing with each other against the background, more highlights 7R Master series modern retro style. All 7R Master TSA luggage locks are applied, which ensures that the suitcase when undergoing security checks will not suffer any damage. Hartmann 7RMaster series were introduced quartz gray and pink gold and white.

Craftsmanship and classic tradition both in terms of quality and value Hartmann 7R Master of the series to be the perfect present. Whether it is respect for the quality of the elite Rui Chong Zhizhen disabilities, or is the eternal pursuit of beauty aristocratic ladies, all will respect the heritage of the classic elegant 7R Master Series soft spot. Meticulous craftsmanship details of the deal and destined Hartmann 7R Master will be all kinds of celebrities extravagant choice for travelers with disabilities.

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