Maria Shriver’s Bag Collection is All Business, Including Lots of Hermès Birkins

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In the ever more sprawling, frantic, overcrowded schedule of fashion shows, it’s a rare and luxurious feeling to be able to slow down and examine something properly—and especially when those somethings are produced as subtly as they are by Hermès. Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski made an intelligent call when she invited the press to the Hermès store in the Rue Faubourg St.-Honoré to see her Resort collection softly tread the plush cream carpets—in espadrilles, leather basket-weave trainers, and all manner of refined, ankle-wrapping Roman sandals. To help encourage her moment of contemplation, she commissioned music—a performance by a harpist and Jarvis Cocker, who played guitar and spoke a piece of poetry that lingered over the names of flowers: “Crocus, cowslip, forget-me-not, anemone, honeysuckle ...” And so on.

It created a relaxing atmosphere for focussing in on the subtleties: fluted silk midi dresses with whooshes of godets flowing from the hip, herringbone linen safari suits, prints revived and reworked from the Hermès scarf-design archive, the high-waisted cut and leg volume of trousers, the piping that edged the cuffs and pocket-flaps of a raincoat. Vanhee-Cybulski said she’d been thinking about “The Clothes women wear daily” and 17th-century Dutch flower painting—the latter being less of a literal homage to the art than it was an influence on her color choices. “It felt like a natural step to show the pre-collection here,” she said afterward. “It felt much more intimate, and I wanted people to be able to absorb how the clothes are made.” Unfortunately, the pictures provided here were shot separately, and don’t convey the civilized sense of occasion, but suffice it to say that whether it was the use of a rope and tassel reworked scarf print on her dresses, or her deft way of placing a pair of marigold yellow pants against a shirt in a paler buttercup, this read as Vanehee-Cybulski’s most well-judged and successful collection yet.

Presenting the Hermès Spring/Summer 2017 Runway Bag Collection. Hermès presented their latest collection at the La Garde Republicaine which features white corridors. The neat catwalk brings in the collection‘s colors more alive which presents sporty styles, flowy dresses and clean workwear. The brand introduces their latest handbags this season. This includes the Cinetic d’Hermès bag, a boxy bag with top handle and a metal closure. The bags have chunky chain strap, which can also be seen in the micro bags that were seen in pair, made of crocodile, leather and lizard. Another new for this collection, is the Toupet Bag, a mini fringed bucket bag made of horse hair.

Hermes’s pace for designing and releasing new handbags is slower comparing to other brands. But when they do, it’s something big and impressive.

So get your wish list for next year, because we’re going to add some bags that you need.








A new boxy bag, kind-of a luggage-style tote bag. It’s small but with huge impact. The bag can be carried on your shoulder or by hand, even the bottom studs are stunning.

The center lock is adorned with the new ‘Hermes’ Clasp and we absolutely love that. The style is ladylike and it’s perfect for work as well as the casual days. The design is minimal, modern and above all… timeless.

This bag is available in normal leather or exotic leather like croc.






Uniqueness is what we can always expect from Hermes. Take a look at this new tote bag – round-shaped, small and easy-to-carry. A unique design and certainly casual but chic. We are really looking forward to see more of the interior.





What is really in these days are miniature bags with chain, they can either be carried or attached to your favorite bag. This creates some extra exclusivity to your style. The small accessories for the Spring Summer 2017 Runway are these small pouches or wallets with chain. They can be carried around your neck like a necklace. Simple, easy and transportable, maybe perfect for the evening?

So what do you think about this collection?




Hermes Spring/Summer 2017 RTW Plays With Pops of Colors & Fine Tailoring

Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski created a beautiful presentation for Hermès, unsurprisingly, and showed the Hermès spring/summer 2017 ready-to-wear collection in such a way that nothing could distract from the clothes that were shown down the runway. After seeing the collection, it is highly unlikely much could distract from a stunning arrangement of ensembles that hit multiple trends for spring and summer 2017.

Hermes Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

The collection included ensembles for every need from work to play with interesting silhouettes that ranged from fitted to floating in colors that are bold and bright. The design of the runway boosted these looks, enhancing them as they shone down the runway with the audience sitting closer to the runways for the best views within curtained all white corridors created specifically for this runway.

Beautiful leatherwork popped up in skirts and coats with a visible patchwork feel. The enticing superiority that Hermès leatherwork is known for was also apparent in the shoes and handbags.

The Hermes work looks for spring 2017 had a high waisted and very linear theme, the silhouettes appearing long and lean. High waisted, loose legged pants and ‘80s era reminiscent tops are making a fierce comeback, having been seen on several runways and showing strongly during the Hermès spring 2017 ready-to-wear show. The broader, pad enhanced shoulders featured pockets enhanced with diagonal zippers, and many were tucked neatly into the high waisted pants.

Hermes Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Hermes Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

The very popular fashion trends that have emerged during the fashion month for spring and summer 2017’s ready-to-wear were very present during the Hermes spring 2017 runway show. The use of bright and vibrant yellow up in six of the 46 gasp-inducing ensembles was refreshing. Bright yellow was also featured in the handbags.

Fuchsia has also been making a very bright splash as an upcoming trend, and Hermès has two ensembles featuring this color for the new collection. Not every trend made an appearance on this runway and the majority of the collection featured a lot of muted colors and quite a few ensembles in a greyish green.

It is, however, extremely apparent that Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski wanted a few trends to be present in the Hermès spring 2017 show. The interplay between menswear and womenswear was also seen in several of the ensembles as this is a trend that will be seen a lot this upcoming spring and summer.

Hermes Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Hermes Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

The knitwear looked soft and elegant in fit and flared midi dress silhouettes. A pleated skirt was printed yet demur, it looked beautiful and simplistic but could easily be fit into several different wardrobe genres with little effort.

One of the hallmarks of Hermès is their leatherwork and their leather pieces were practically magic. One coat in particular – a darker, A-line cut patchwork trench coat with a brown belt was a stunningly beautiful piece of leather work, done with the same patchwork design that let the colors of the outfit beneath peek through.

To be fair, Hermès is not a brand about following or setting trends but about a high level of chicness that cannot be denied.

Hermes Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Hermes Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

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Replica Hermes Bags – Are You Worth Purchasing

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Replica Hermes Bags

Is it worth purchasing replica Hermes bags? Well that’s a question you get to hear a lot these days. Since replicas market has escalated so much over the last years, this question has become more and more legit. And that because people have begun questioning the idea of purchasing a genuine purse. Considering the price tags we should pay for an original bag, replica Hermes bags get to be a better option with every day passing by.

So what’s up with these replica Hermes bags? Well, things are pretty clear to me, if you’ve read my blog before then you’d know that I’m pretty much into these bags for a long time now. And I must say it is somehow a predictable path for those who fancy showing off with the latest trends in fashion, but don’t have the necessary funds to buy all their items in the genuine form. So basically a replica bag will just let you fulfill your desire of looking awesome but with much, much lower costs.
So we’re talking here about low prices and awesome high-end bags. But are we also talking about quality? Well, that’s a bit of a catchy thing. I mean, knowing that replica bags are a way cheaper substitute to the genuine one, you would expect it to be a low quality bag. But let me tell you it’s not always like that. I mean, there are replica Hermes bags which simply cannot be spotted as fakes, unless you’re an expert. But girls, if you want to get such a bag, then you truly need to do your research before ordering.
As a bottom line I can say that purchasing yourself replica Hermes bags can truly put you in the right spotlight without breaking the bank. But at the same time, you need to be careful where you buy it from. I shared with you a link above where I usually get my bags from. Check it out, it might light up your day!Kourtney Kardashian Hermes Birkin
The thing I love most about my Hermes knock off bags is that they always managed to upgrade my outfits. I mean, every single time I found myself in that moment of confusion, where I didn’t know what to wear anymore, I always went to my handbags closet and started my outfit from that very point. And to be honest, I have the impression that more and more people have started choosing their outfits around their bags. And basically, there’s nothing wrong in that. I actually find it to be an even better way to pick up your outfit in a certain day.
A Hermes knock off bag can do miracles. I know that very well. No matter how you put it, whether you find yourself inspired or not, choosing your outfit around the bag is probably the best thing you could do. At least for me, this is something I do every single time for about a year. And to be honest, I have started to believe it works better this way.
Whether we talk about a Birkin, Kelly or Constance bag, the possibilities are simply infinite. But the best part about this is actually the thing that you can discover so many other ways to tote a specific model. In example, I have started sporting my Birkins with like, anything! No matter I’m going to the gym, for a walk in the park or to the mall, a Birkin perfectly fits to any kind of outfit. That’s what I actually love about Hermes knock off bags.
Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a new handbag for your own, I strongly advise you to go for a Hermes knock off. Not only they are extremely affordable, but they are also incredibly versatile. What can I say? They are just amazing!

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You got the right bikini, you got your favorite slippers on and you got the sun on your side, but do you have the right tote next to you?

What’s a better time to let you know about the best beach bag that we can find for 2014. It’s either the Louis Vuitton Articles de Voyage Canvas Bag or this Hermes Finish Beach Bag.

If we do not think about the Birkin or Kelly, we will start noticing that Hermes love to blend fashion with art. Each graphic print is blessed with their own unique name like Izmir Blue or Coup de Fouet, oh how elegant that sounds!

The new Hermes Finish Beach Bag is basically a tote made from raw cotton. The print is kind-of classic because it represents the brand’s signature, you know, the ‘horses’. And it’s named Finish. No not finish, like I am finished, but the word ‘finish’ is the name of the graphic print.

For those who are interested, this bag comes in two sizes; the small size is measured 22’ x 13’ and it’s priced at $1,125 USD. The large size is measured 16’ x 27’ and it’s priced at $1,300 USD. Available at Hermes e-store.

Just one more quick note, remember the story of Nicole’s Chanel Classic Flap Bag? Remember how her heart sunk when she spotted sand on her bag. The Hermes Finish Beach Bag is made from raw cotton, which is perfect if you want to relax on the beach with no worries, and no need to baby and watch over your bag.

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And right when I thought that I’ve seen it all, a member of our site posted an unknown handbag. To be honest, we thought it was fake.

So we dug in and try to find more information.

Well, it happened to be called the Hermes Etribelt Bag and it was launched during the Spring Summer Collection. Do you want to know more?

This bag is from the ‘Etri’ Collection, basically everything Hermes with an ‘Etri’ in its name means that it comes with a belted detail. And so this bag comes with a big orange belt in the front and functional as a closure.

Actually, the Etribelt Bag was inspired by a belted trench coat (ahh, now you see huh?) This bag can be worn in two ways, you can belt it or not, it’s up to you. When this bag was released, it was available in different colors, but it come with leathers like Togo and Evergrain Calfskin.

Also, hear the opinions of our community:

This bag is quite light weighed and pretty, it reminds us of the Kelly flat (in some way) because of the style and the stitching. The orange color is very Hermes, which is classic.

It’s very elegant, and the strap is not as difficult as the one on the Kelly. And of course, the handles are lovely too, and I like it because it doesn’t come with any hardware and the shape is very sleek.

Measuring 10.5′ x 13′ x 5′ (H x W x D) inches.



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Hermès is under the microscope! The fashion house’s display offers an unorthodox perspective on nature

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torafu-architects-hermes-Nature-at-full-gallop-japan (2)

Luxury brand Hermès’ annual theme “nature at full gallop” prompted Torafu Architects to build a window display inspired by what you might see under a microscope. The naked human eye is incapable of viewing and appreciating the tiny cells that make up living things, so Torafu blew up the concept and adorned the windows of 22 stores in Japan with the concept.

torafu-architects-hermes-Nature-at-full-gallop-japan (4)
PVC pipes were used to mimic the complex look of cells found in various plants. On these pipes hang Hermès accessories including bags, scarves, hats and footwear.
torafu-architects-hermes-Nature-at-full-gallop-japan (5)
Contrasting pastel colors have been sprayed onto the backdrop to resemble colorful laboratory chemicals.

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torafu-architects-hermes-Nature-at-full-gallop-japan (1)

torafu-architects-hermes-Nature-at-full-gallop-japan (3)
Even display cabinets within the interior feature wallets, watches and handkerchiefs placed on transparent bubble-like objects.

torafu-architects-hermes-Nature-at-full-gallop-japan (7)
A closer look at the display.

torafu-architects-hermes-Nature-at-full-gallop-japan (6)
Hermes has impressed us in the past with innovative window displays by Zim & Zou featuring artistic leather birds and even a fox den.

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