Loewe Holiday Collection

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loewe_xmas-2014-collection2From top to bottom: Shopper, SGD2090, Triangle, SGD2490, Meccano Double Pin,SGD350, Scarf Anagram Checks, SGD590

For those of you still looking for that perfect Christmas present, have you checked out the seasonal goodies from Loewe’s Holiday 2014 collection yet? From new icons like the Amazona75 and the Flamenco Knot (shown above) in festive hues to the return of the ever-popular Panda Coin Purse in Red/Blue (as well as last season’s Black/White), the Spanish luxury house now under the care of J.W. Anderson might have something for everyone after all.

With prices starting from SGD490 for the Panda Coin Purse to SGD2890 for the smallAmazona75, it won’t be hard to find something for a loved one (and for yourself too, if I might add), especially with the SLGs that seem to be the house’s strongest offerings at the moment, from billfolds to zip-around wallets all coming in under SGD1000.

But don’t take my word for it; head over to Loewe online and have a look for yourself, where everything leather and luscious is available for your choosing, and even made easier with prices listed in SGD. #happyshopping

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Loewe Bounce Gathered Lambskin Bag: Well-Rounded

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This little bag is so freaking adorable! I’ve already been on a round bag kick to begin with, but this one is special to me. I always love Loewe’s buttery-soft nappa leather and such a shape, lightly scrunched and all mush-able, really relishes the suppleness – and we are welcome in relishing right along with it.

The overall feel of this bag is simple, especially in clean beige, and the top handle increases the cute factor by 100%. Although, there is also a removable shoulder strap, which makes it handier to use. Carry it hands-free during the day, and detach the strap in time for night. With this great size – it has a roundness that increases the carrying capacity, while the small scale makes it evening-worthy – you will want to do both. Loewe Bounce available for pre-order at Bergdorf Goodman for $1,950 (expect shipping by March 25th).

Pair with: Finish a curvy bag off with a hat with a rounded brim. Saint Laurent’s bright red, rabbit fur felt topper injects a jolt of playful energy. 

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The Loewe Barcelona Bag has been established as one of the finest pieces in the market. It is a structured piece in beautiful leather with a unique metallic triangle closure bearing the house’s embossed logo. You can even wear it as a shoulder or a crossbody – that totally depends on preference and your desired style for the day, but the bottom line is it is truly a functional piece.

The piece we have above is still a Barcelona, but with some tweaks in the design department. It’s has a quilted embellishment on its exterior, which gives the piece an added dimension and texture. Also, we’re seeing that this new take on the Barcelona comes in such vivid colors to choose from, which are all stunning. We don’t know what to choose!

What do you think about this exciting design? Are you up for the quilts? Comment now and let us know!

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This Little Loewe Panda Might be the Cutest Coin Purse Ever

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A lot of people have a particular type of animal on which they obsess. For me, it’s bulldogs – I prefer English, but a Frenchie will do in a pinch. I’ll cross the street and chase someone down in order to pet their bulldog, even if there’s oncoming traffic. For our operations director Shannon, it’s pandas. She may not have as many opportunities to pet random pandas on the way to the grocery store, her love for the lovable bears is still strong. She already has a panda case for her iPhone, and I think she should add this Loewe Panda Coin Purse to her collection next.

Adorableness usually isn’t a quality that I seek out in my leather goods and accessories, but when executed correctly, it’s incredibly hard for even me to resist some serious cuteness. Gucci has had a monopoly on animal-themed luxury coin purses (which are maybe even a whole genre unto themselves now) for the recent past, but this Loewe piece is not only seriously cute, but it’s a slightly uncharacteristic bit of humor for a brand that’s generally quite staid and maybe even a bit conservative.

Fashion can always use more humor, more recognition that perhaps not everyone in the industry is as self-serious as we often get the reputation for being, as long as we don’t lose the luxury along the way. This little panda is a perfect example of executing that combination beautifully. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $265.

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