PurseBlog Asks: What Brands Do You Love But Not Own?

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About a month ago, you helped me decide on my new pretty pink Givenchy bag. It is my first Givenchy bag, and while my collection of bags is fairly sizable, I recognize that there are brands I’m lacking. It isn’t always because of want, but I guess I just never get to the place of pulling the trigger and find other brands that I like.

I own quite a few Celine bags, actually I kind of went on a spree and seemed to keep buying Celine for two years. Then I moved onto Gucci and have added quite a few Gucci bags to my collection in the past year. But with my new Givenchy, I realized there are other brands I don’t own at all or haven’t purchased in a long time.

I adore Dior bags, the Lady Dior is one of the most stunning classic bags. My lifestyle is a bit more laid back and that is probably why I haven’t taken the Dior plunge, but I do see it in my near future.

Another brand is Fendi. You would think with how much I talk about Fendi bags I’d have a closet filled with 2Jours and 3Jours. I do have a few monster charms, including Karlito, but the last Fendi bag I bought was the Spy. Yep, you read that right and that is so long ago.

What about Goyard? We rarely cover Goyard because finding information is so hard. The brand is secretive but the house has a long history and many are fanatics. I do love their classic tote, it would be a great addition to my collection, that’s for sure.

And another major brand I don’t seem to add to my closet, Louis Vuitton. I am drawn toward the soft leather from the brand, but the prices are rather high and I tend to get sticker shock from the Louis Vuitton bags I love.

Are there brands you love but don’t own?

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