Nautical Summer Stripes: JADEtribe Valerie Striped Tote

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JADEtribe Valerie Nautical Striped Tote

Beach tote season is almost here! In fact, it seems to be already here for some people. And I’m not talking about whether or not it’s warm enough to hit the beach or hang out at the pool. I’m talking about theessence of summer — that lazy day feeling that only the summer months can bring, no matter where you are. That is what I see when I look at the tote you see here! Take a moment and discover the JADEtribe Valerie Striped Tote!
JADEtribe Valerie Striped Tote 
Launched in 2009, the JADEtribe handbag collection is inspired by the artwork of a weaving village in Laos. Natural organic dyes and intricate weaving are what make JADEtribe handbags really unique and different from many other designer labels. JADEtribe is an ethical brand too, since the company actually employs people from the village to create exclusive fabrics for the collection.

What I love about the Valerie Tote is the traditional, canvas tote bag design where the top is wider than the bottom and the handles are short. It almost feels like a market tote that you would using for shopping. Of course the bag could be used for that purpose, however this lovely tote is so much more than that! I love the navy and white vertical stripes and brightly colored tassels trimmed with puka shells. The definition of nautical inspired- because you can’t get enough of that this time of the year! Also I love the way the top of the bag folds over to make way for an optional shoulder strap, giving this tote a unique look.

JADEtribe NAUTICAL Valerie Striped Tote 

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Yves Saint Laurent is famous for designing and making tote bags. Let’s look at the past, some have gone all the way to the status of iconic – The Saint Laurent Chyc Tote, the Sac de Jour Tote, The Muse Bag and of course the newest Duffle Bags in different sizes.

And its not a coincidence that they keep producing gorgeous tote bags, they somehow know how to blend it with traditional elements. For example, the Saint Laurent Baby Monogram Cabas Tote Bag that we’ve featured this week, the big golden YSL signature on the front is simply to-die-for.

READ: Saint Laurent Baby Monogram Cabas Tote

Now presenting from the latest Fall Winter 2014 Collection, please meet he new Saint Laurent Trois Clous Tote Bag. A simple bag with a big statement, it’s an everyday bag, perfect for work and the weekends. It’s spacious, with two separate compartments – it can store your Mac Book and above all, it got a shiny elegant studded closure on the front. In fact, there are three studs, one in a pyramid shape in the center, below marks the brand’s signature and it reads gently: ‘Saint Laurent’.

It comes with a detachable shoulder strap and it’s made from durable calf leather. This bag is also available in golden as well as silver hardware, and in different leathers. For those that love shiny things, we’ve found a version in patent.







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CFDA & eBay's Tote Collection Is Bigger (and Better!) Than Ever

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The CFDA and eBay have teamed up once again for the fight against counterfeits with its annual You Can't Fake Fashion tote collection, launching today on This time, the lineup is bigger than ever, featuring over 90 one-of-a-kind feathered, beaded, embellished designer creations. So just who did they snag for this year's collection? Diane von Furstenberg,Ralph LaurenTory BurchDerek Lam, and Rag & Bone are just a few of the designers who have participated in the initiative. Bidding for these exclusive, personalized designer totes start at $100 with auctions ending on March 25. As always, all proceeds from sales will benefit the CFDA Foundation to fight counterfeits and support authentic design. Click on to see the complete (and covetable!) CFDA and eBay "You Can't Fake Fashion" collection.

Carolina HerreraRuffian by Brian Wolk & Claude MoraisAnna Sui

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Foley + Corinna Dipped in Gold Apollo Tote

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Foley + Corinna Dipped in Gold Apollo Tote

After all of this time, I still love Foley + Corinna handbags. I don’t know what it is, but I feel drawn to them somehow. Maybe it is the unique styles or soft leathers. What I particularly love about the handbag brand Foley + Corinna, is that they still manage to produce new bag styles all the time. One of the latest spring / summer handbag editions that caught my attention is the Foley + Corinna Apollo Tote.

The style is different, and I mean that in a good way. When I first laid eyes on the Apollo tote, I was immediately drawn the the dramatic contrasting colors: black and metallic gold. From a distance, it looks as though this tote was dipped halfway into a bucket of gold paint. However, upon closer inspection, the pattern reveals brush strokes. Not dainty brush strokes, but rather large brush strokes as if someone were painting a house or fence.

The Foley + Corinna Apollo Bag is definitely a unique and fun piece. My only regret is that it’s canvas and not leather. Wouldn’t that be gorgeous? Smooth black leather “dipped” in gold? This canvas tote is less than $100 so I suppose I can’t complain. After all, it would make a great tote for shopping or even the beach.

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Celine Mini Tie Tote

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When Kelly read our article: ‘Celine Tie Small Bag from the Fall Winter 2014 Collection’, she thought: ‘forget about the Small, I’m getting the Mini’.

The Tie Tote is the new ‘classic’ of Celine, it has been re-introduced in new colors, leathers and styles since is has been released. So far, it’s available in the large and the small size, but after the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, surprisingly, Celine has introduced the Mini version.

The Tie Tote is famous for its knots on the end of the handles. It partly inspired by the Phantom tote with its side wings. Actually, the side wings on the Tie totes are much larger, making it more practicable and easy to expand the wings for more space. It’s a timeless handbag and can be carried in all season.

Kelly bought her Mini Tie Tote in Pure Black and crisped calfskin. She noticed that the Mini Tie Tote is made from very high quality. The size is close to the Micro Luggage Tote, which is 10’ x 9’ (L x H)


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Lady Dior, Diorissimo, Diorama, Be Dior and now the Diorever – All of these names has Dior in it and they are like music in our ears.

How much Dior handbags can you collect? How much do you already have in your wardrobe? There is actually one more bag that you should put on your wish list for the next season – the Dior Diorever Tote Bag.

This bag is absolutely to-die-for. I would name it the Diorama Tote Bag, but Dior rather gives it a distinctive name – it’s a totally different bag, though the crest-shaped clasp might look the same as the one your recognize on the Diorama Bag…but this is a tote bag.

Covered in durable leather (for now only in calfskin), completely handmade, you will love the experience. The bag comes with two top handles, the side of the flap is embellished with two (circular) buttons of which we believe is a snap-button to close the bag.

So do you want to know the details?

The Dior Diorever Tote Bag comes in three sizes:

Dior Diorever Mini Tote Bag
Size: 8.3’ x 6.7’ x 6.7’ inches

Dior Diorever Medium Tote Bag
Size: 11.8’ x 9.1’ x 6.3’ inches

Dior Diorever Large Tote Bag
Size: 13.4’ x 10.2’ x 6.7’ inches

What do you think?





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