Gucci Tiger Techpack With Embroidery



Gucci doesn’t call this a backpack, it’s a techpack, and for the reason why, it’s pretty obvious once you get your hands on it. Made primarily of a technical canvas fabric, it’s also one that’s clearly built for durability and strength. It’s also really lightweight, the inside composed of a nylon drawstring closure. Then there’s the mesh backing on the back of the techpack, roomy front pockets on each side and a smaller zip pocket where you’ll find the flap. In other words, it’s functional too.

But in all honesty, this wouldn’t be the reason you would shell out SGD2920 for it. I mean, if you wanted a functional and lightweight backpack that’s also affordable, you would probably head straight to Lululemon. Right?

The reason why you would shell out almost three grand for the 45 cm by 32 cmbackpack techpack is because of the additional touches that Creative Director Alessandro Michele added on, from the large mythical tiger head in the middle to the embroidered patches on both side pockets that include various kinds of flowers and a large red butterfly. Then there’s the webbing on the front straps as well as the techpack’s shoulder straps, an iconic signature from the Italian luxury house that’s now even more desirable than before.

On the centre of the flap are the words  ‘l’aveugle par amour‘, or ‘blind for love’. Which is also exactly how I feel about this techpack right now sans the ‘blind’ bit. It’s just love, love, love.

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Here at BragMyBag, not only do we feature the latest arm candies – we also bring some great info about the latest shoe styles today! Keeping that in mind, we are going to sweep you off of your feet today with the Chanel Lambskin Pumps with Platform Metal Tip Heel – a femme fatale piece that’s sure to bring a fab touch to any outfit.

The pump has a durable lambskin exterior which covers up the piece ever so beautifully – it has a wonderful sheen that captivates unlike any other! Also, it has a metal tip on its heel which adds up to its wonderful shine. What a way to make a statement! Trust Chanel to add some fine details where they belong. Since it comes in a beautiful neutral tone, this piece is highly versatile, and can be used with most wardrobe choices you may have in mind.

With a 110mm heel, and a style code of G31297, you can get your very own Lambskin Pumps with Platform Metal Tip Heel for €590 EUR via Chanel boutique.



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