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Lockit bag was not until this year to launch new products, specifically introduced this year is the second edition retro renovation, the originalReplica Louis Vuitton Lockit bag launched in early 1958, it is a vaulted handbag, at that time considered a very modern style. Until today, the old version of the LV Lockit bag is still very popular.

Replica Louis Vuitton Parnassea Lockit M94593 Galet first renovation occurred in 2006, which inspired the creation of a closed system, a leather bag as decorative padlock was hung on one side, little change in the basic shape, but also introduced a new dimension .

Replica Louis Vuitton Parnassea Lockit Handbags

Louis Vuitton Lockit bag refurbished in the second year, the brand combined with modern fashion elements, to which the bag to make a new design. Bag body soft calfskin bag size more atmospheric, color has become more low-key luxury, while richer feminine!

How can you give the sweet breath of summer in the fall? The new Louis Vuitton Lockit handbag with warm colors let you lock into the summer, autumn, Lockit handbag, love it necessary to lock it!

Replica Louis Vuitton Parnassea Lockit Handbags

Replica Louis Vuitton Lockit handbag design series can be repeatedly re-interpretation, but it was always the same classic elegance. The new Lockit handbag soft leather (Veau Cachemire), except that the upper portion of the arc followed the opening of the iconic design, bags design and padlock side leather zipper pull, but also cleverly integrated a more stylish design elements — classic Lockit Wrap stitching outwardly extending wing bags, part of the stitching line was V-shaped, with the slim handle, no doubt become the new Lockit and stylish new low-profile endorsements.

Replica Louis Vuitton Parnassea Lockit Handbags

Beige style elegant and intellectual, very suitable for early autumn with a dark coat or sweater. Rose Red style sweet and rosy, belonging to the summer into the fall ribbon candy, think about the people happy. Black style is simple and classic, is essential wild single product. If you pick the bag when spoiled for choice in color, then choose black bars, no matter with what clothes will never go wrong.

The new Lockit handbag has an irresistible attraction, that is the first thing should be familiar lines of the design, smooth, soft materials and unique brand of metal accessories. The new Lockit handbag will be the perfect combination of luxury and practical, using a removable bag with adjustable design, make it more soft and light, regardless of hand, elbow or shoulder are equally comfortable. Generous interior space for the calf using fleece inside, a large zip pocket and cell phone pocket bag pattern reasonable allocation, while according to the daily needs and easily accommodate A4 documents and laptops, powerful functionality make the perfect response to all women kinds of occasions.

Replica Louis Vuitton Parnassea Lockit Handbags

This, Louis Vuitton also invited the Italian fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni to shoot Lockit handbag latest ad large, sweet Chiara Ferragni in the jungle, the original wild, coffee shop and other occasions, the perfect interpretation of the new replica LV Lockit handbags.

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Chanel New Cruise Handbags

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Imagine you enter the Chanel Boutique, all of your favorite handbags from the Cruise 2015 Collection at your fingertips, but you cannot take them all home, you have to choose.

Though we’re experience a cold January, you don’t mind stocking those Camellia Slippers in your wardrobe. Keep them warm and safe, then take them out when the summer starts and flaunt together with your favorite Chanel handbag.

Or a tote bag, just like this new Chanel Quilted Tote in Pink, embellished with silver CC logo on the front and it comes with interwoven chain link for shoulder or hand carry. A size perfect if you need to store a lot, it’s as good as the Grand Shopping Tote.


Then there’s the new Chanel Flap Bag in blue, what a beauty. And on the right are two Boy Flap Bags sitting next to each other.

Presenting two more Chanel Boy Bags in multicolor, the first one is in tweed with red edges, very attractive. The second one is in brown with golden hardware.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know.


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Valentino Official Sale: Up To 40% Off Shoes and Handbags

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Valentino is currently having a sale on their Fall/Winter 2015 Collection including handbags, shoes, clothing, small leather goods and accessories. Items on sale gets up to 40% discount like Rockstud bags and shoes, Monochrome bags and clothing and Camu Garden Collection. Head over to to check the sale!

Here are some the handbags and shoes included in the Valentino sale!

Valentino Rockstud Double Medium Reversible Tote Bag – $ 2,085.00 | 40% off Valentino Rockstud Double Medium Reversible Tote Bag
Valentino Rockstud Ballerina – $ 657.00 (USD) | 40% off Valentino Rockstud Ballerina

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Difficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there it

[Abstract] Do not foolishly think that only Hermes was Chende from noble “identity”, and there is a real noble brand to wait for you to discover.

[Word does not say, first on the map]

Really do not want to say how much this bag ladies olivia the heart of water.

Difficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there itDifficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there itDifficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there itDifficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there it

Jeon Ji Hyun in “Star You” also back off.

Difficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there itDifficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there it

Fashion bloggers Tiany Kiriloff red bag Fashion Week show off is to usurp the eye.

Difficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there it

See here, there is no great interest for this bag, and yes, it comes from a real noble brand –Delvaux.

[Delvaux handbags past lives]

In 1829, when the like Hermes replica handbags, Louis Vuitton replica handbags, or Moynat known brands still in its infancy, even Belgium has not yet declared its independence, Charles Delvaux is already working for the fashion creation travelers “It-bag”, this is the Delvaux .

Difficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there it

For nearly two centuries, Delvaux create a different section of the fake bag has more than three thousand kinds, but also for the royalty and celebrities who love. It is worth mentioning that Delvaux great attention to the classic tradition, every replica designer handbags of birth will be recorded in Le Livre d’Or brand logbook.

Difficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there it

For Delvaux, the bags are each work of art, they not only have to go through careful selection of leather, but also the integration of the family for many years heritage craftsmanship and precision manufactured. Each replica handbags of leather are particularly elegant, and start production of the bag before, to go through all the leather fade and wear of the test, to ensure the durability of the bag. All handbags are hand-done in France and Belgium Delvaux studio, after careful scrutiny of old craftsmen.

Difficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there it

Delvaux brand in their historical archives documented more than 3,000 styles of bags, which are three of the most classic styles. They are: Le Brillant, Le Tempete and Le Madame. In contrast, the first two models Le Brillant and Le Tempete few more classic. Mimi da star FIG front is Le Tempete series.

Difficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there it


[Full understanding Delvaux Classic Series]

Le Brillant series

Le Brillant series was born in 1958, it is one of the most classic of the bag Delvaux. Basic series with top box calfskin this cheap handbag, and you want to use about 64 leather and metal pieces made by hand. Design classic atmosphere, and especially solid, strong sense of contour. I can not help but feeling really inherited the spirit Delvaux heritage: regardless of design and texture have stood the test of time.

Difficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there it

Difficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there it

Le Tempete series

Le Tempete series was born in 1967, the classic metal that Baoshen positive symmetrical design. It is also the “Ode to Iraq Oh Nigeria” in the star you in love bag! This series is more elegant compared to Le Brillant some styles are also a little more mature.

Difficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there it

Difficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there it

Le Madame series

Madame Delvaux family regarded rookie, rectangular shaped replica handbags coupled with contrasting buckle detail, but also a packet design, more playful. Le Madame solid large square, mixed colors style particularly noticeable good, very solid, rich sense of geometry.

Difficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there it

Difficult to buy Hermes replica handbags except there it

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5 Fun Facts about Women and Luxury Designer Handbags

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The Internet is full of interesting information about women’s designer handbags. Some are even daring to resolve the mystery of what attracts a woman so badly to a beautiful luxury purse. Believe me, there is a connection. The love that we have for these gorgeous designer bags has a reason and I am decided to clarify this today…once and for all.

designer handbag

1. Designer Bags

The first thing we need to mention here is that designer bags are the most appealing bags of all. These are the holy grail of purses. These companies are dedicated to manufacturing the best quality handbags on the market and to ensure a timeless and refined design that will gracefully accessorize all our outfits. Still, out of the tons of designer fashion products that could aliment our passion for beauty, why are bags so irresistible? It’s really simple. Handbags are our daily companion, a practical, functional and elegant object that we carry around all the time. Throughout the history, women have realized how important is a sturdy, fashionable and versatile purse and this is what made the modern bag what it is.

2. Women who wore bags were considered vulgar

At first, ladies didn’t carry their stuff in bags. They used a pouch or purse that was hidden under their clothing or even a pocket at the inside of the jacket. At that time, women weren’t allowed to carry a purse that everyone could see. This was considered to be a very indecent gesture.
3. Made from silk

History shows us that the earlier form of handbags was a silky pocket or pouch that was worn next to the skin. This was because no one could steal the money this way.

4. Relationship Insecurity

Studies show that women who own expensive luxury designer bags are insecure when it comes to their relationship. The handbag is a statement, a warning to the other ladies that their partner isn’t available. When a relationship is vulnerable, women tend to buy expensive bags. It is either a way of paying back with their man or a way of letting other females know that the relationship is stronger than ever.

5.  Replica designer handbags

Replica designer handbags are a natural consequence of the success that designer purses have. The more expensive and exclusivist a designer bag is the more women want it, even if they can’t afford it. And so appears the opportunity for replica manufacturers to produce a copy that is affordable to every gal around. If original purses had decent prices then there would be no need to buy a replica bag instead.

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Michael Michael Kors Handbags Collection 2015: 5 Top Designer Satchel and Tote Bags

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Introducing the newest arrivals Michael Michael Kors handbags collection this summer 2015. Defined by a freshness of classic modern vibe with a touch of timeless elegance, versatile chic and practical designs enriched with opulent structure, signature detailing and striking glam accents, the NY city-based American fashion designer exclusively presents various lines of satchel and tote bags in several vibrant, lively color options. Devoted to ladies, discover here on Fashionbashon the season’s must-have luxury accessories of the brand with the refined features and price list details.

Latest Arrivals Michael Michael Kors Satchel & Tote Bags Summer 2015

The latest lines of Michael Kors handbags collection 2015 is a big must, especially for those who love cleanliness and simplicity attitude on their everyday look with the presence of classic, elegant allure to accompany any stylish pieces of the season. To complete women’s accessories closet of the moment, the American fashion designer shows various lines of refined satchels and tote bags, from large, medium to smaller version with super practical, chic and sumptuous design crafted in luxe saffiano leather with a touch of canvas or denim fabric, sparkling metal hardware for glam accents and other refined elements finished with the craftsmanship of the house. Available in intense and bright poppy colors such as electric blue, yellow, coral, white, raspberry and many other soft neutral tones including dark khaki, navy, brown and grey, the new arrivals of Michael Michael Kors bags are constructed in distinctive concept to meet the style, comfort and functionality at the same time with versatile chic vibe to wear in any occasions.

  • Don’t miss also the latest lines of Métiers d’Art Paris-Salzburg & Spring/Summer 2015 Collection of Chanel Messenger Bags

Michael Michael Kors Handbags 2015: Greenwich Large Satche

Michael Michael Kors Greenwich Large Saffiano Leather Satchel Summer 2015 $250.60

First, from the newest lines of Michael Kors bags summer 2015 collection, of course you cannot miss the delicate design of Greenwich Large Satchel ($250.60) crafted in structured saffiano leatherwith various vibrant, pop of color options; mandarin red, fuchsia, cobalt blue, black, navy, brown and clean white. Thanks to its capacious interior with useful internal zipped pocket to carry more essentials while the double top handle and detachable, adjustable shoulder strap add functionality. Finished with signature logo and other charming gold tones hardware to give a glamour accent this designer bag is featuring extremely unique juxtaposition style so you can carry it as large tote for classic attitude or bucket style for modern look in any occasions.

  • Find out also the exquisite designs of Versace Palazzo Shoulder Bags Collection 2015 featuring vibrant pastel tones to complete ladies’ closet this summer

Michael Michael Kors Handbags 2015: Sutton Medium Satchel

Edgy structure with cutting-edge shape design, Michael Kors also comes up with a new Sutton Medium Satchel ($328.00) constructed in fine, textured saffiano leather featuring chic top handles with adjustable, removable shoulder strap to provide a simplicity and comfort at the same time while carry it by hand or shoulder in every situation. Available in various choices of intense pop of colors or warm soft earth tones, this statement satchel bag has understated concept with a touch of sophisticated allure finished with internal multi pocket for gadgets or any other essentials while its exterior is embellished with gilded zip, signature logo and other shiny metal hardware in contrasting gold finished tones to emphasize a more fabulous yet captivating vibe to your daily look.

  • See the breathtaking preppy elegant looks in soft, intense colors on the runway collection ofBottega Veneta Woman Cruise 2016

Michael Michael Kors Handbags 2015: Ava Small Satchel

As alternative to the medium version above, you can also opt for a refined chic Ava Small Satchel($268.00) crafted from luxury saffiano leather available in two color options; soft dark beige and elegant black. Dedicated to women who love versatility and effortless vibe in their everyday style, this designer petite satchel version is featuring flap with embossed Michael Kors logo in glam gold accent, practical single top handle, detachable shoulder strap, roomy interior with internal zipped pocket finished with magnetic press button fastener detail to create a distinctive statement to wear from relaxed or casual occasions to any other important events.

  • For smart, modern girl, you cannot miss the luxury phones & gadgets accessories Spring/Ssummer 2015 proposed on Dolce & Gabbana Mini Von Bags Collection

Michael Michael Kors Handbags 2015: Harper Medium Satchel

Michael Michael Kors vintage gardening-inspired Medium Satchel  Summer 2015 $398.00

What you cannot miss from the newest arrivals of MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS accessories collection is also the vintage gardening-inspired Harper Medium Satchel ($398.00) in lightweight luxury canvas with croc textured leather trim. To accentuate a distinguished classy allure with multi-purpose detail, this cutting-edge vintage satchel is also featuring sparkling gold tones hardware appliqué makes it among the enchanting elements to accompany ladies’ cultivated yet understated look in every occasion.

  • To accomplish ladies’ clothes wardrobe of the season, here the Zara Summer Prints 2015 Trends Collection for Women

Michael Michael Kors Handbags 2015: Marina Large Denim Tote

Michael Michael Kors Marina Large Denim Tote Summer 2015 $248.00

Among the luxurious satchels, the top American label also shows an intriguing casual modern with extravagant allure through Marina Large Denim Tote ($248.00) in navy blue enriched with gilded gold MK logo, contrasting drawstring cord with delicate leather tassels to add more effortless and practical touch while leather top handles give a distinctive classic, vintage allure at the same time. Wear it with denim jeans, leather biker jackets, delightful wedges or any other statement apparels to enhance a total unique mood throughout the season.

Those are the top five must-have lines of the season from the newest arrivals arrivals Michael Michael Kors handbags collection we presented here on with the refined chic detailing and price list especially devoted to update and refresh your summer 2015 closet. Find more designer satchel or tote bags and other glam, enchanting accessories with craftsmanship and signature appliqués of the brand and shop the compelling items at official online web store of Michael Kors 

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